Baby H {Preview} – Dallas Baby Photographer

19 May

Baby H was a pleasure to photograph last weekend. I absolutely adored her little blue dress and it went perfectly with her complexion and the bright, greens of spring. It was also so nice to get some photos of Miss H with her mom and grandma–three generations all together.

Enjoy the sneak peek:

IMG_6850 IMG_6994 IMG_7027


Miss R, 1 Year {Preview} – Dallas Children’s Photographer

8 May

Happy 1st Birthday to Miss R! She started her session off pretty happy, but as our tour through the Dallas Arboretum continued it became clear that Miss R was about ready to be done with me and my camera. Thankfully her Mommy and Grandma were there to help elicit some beautiful grins and smiles! You have to love the extremes shown here–just a perfect documentation of what it’s like to be 1.


IMG_6636 IMG_6685 IMG_6732

Miss E & Miss A, 6 Months {Preview} – Dallas Baby Photographer

7 May

These little girls have grown so much since I met them as newborns. I am in love with their beautiful eyes and long, pretty lashes. So jealous!

The biggest obstacle in a photo shoot with adorable little girls like this is simply getting both girls to be happy and adorable at the same time. Thankfully, we got some precious images featuring both of their smiling faces. I am also a big fan of their solo photos–these girls were just stinking adorable. Can’t wait to see them again in a few months for their next Baby Steps session.

Enjoy the sneak peek:

IMG_6489 IMG_6513 IMG_6522

Perez Family {Preview} – Grapevine Family Photographer

6 May

We certainly had a lot to accomplish for this photo shoot–a big family and two twin boys turning 1! What a special occasion, and who can blame the little guys for having a few meltdowns with all that pressure?

You have to love the realness and great memories of Mr. C deciding the cake smash just wasn’t his thing. hehe!

Enjoy the sneak peek:

IMG_6055 IMG_6089 IMG_6439 IMG_6453

Cardenas Family {Preview} – Fort Worth Family Photographer

5 May

This session was definitely a third time’s the charm scenario– Mother Nature kept deciding to rain on us for all our scheduled sessions. In the end, it really could’t have been a much nicer day–so I think things worked out in the long run just fine.

The C family juggled little Baby L and her 2 year old brother and we were able to get some great shots of everyone which always deserves a pat on the back for everyone involved when there are little ones present.

Enjoy the sneak peek!

CardenasFamily042 CardenasFamily154 CardenasFamily236

Baby L {Preview} – Roanoke, TX Newborn Photographer

30 Apr

Oh my goodness–Mr. L totally gave his parents and I a run for the money! He showed up to the studio all warm, snuggly and sleepy in his carrier–but things changed quickly once he decided it was food time. After some milk, some cuddles and even a short car ride, Mr. L was ready for his photos. It was worth the wait though, as Mr. L was in zzzzz land for the remainder of our session and let me pose him so beautifully for his newborn session.

Mr. L is also one of my Baby Step babies–meaning I’ll get to see him again three more times over the next year–one of my favorite things to do as a photographer is document these little ones as they grow through that first year.

Here’s the sneak peek!

IMG_5529 IMG_5549 IMG_5659 copy

Baby E, 6 Months {Preview} – Grapevine Lifestyle Photographer

21 Apr

Mr. E’s mom chose to do a lifestyle session for his 6 month photos, and I can’t even tell you how happy that made me! While I love being outside in the beautiful weather and taking photos of little ones out in gorgeous flowers and scenery, there is something so precious and simple about a baby in their own home. They are so at-ease–playing with toys, eating snacks and hanging out in their own crib or play pen. Plus, it’s a fabulous chance to document your entire family–showing mom and dad interacting with baby in their own home, just like every day life.

There are so many wonderful images to choose from that I have had a hard time deciding what to prepare for a preview.


IMG_5181 copy (1) IMG_5222 IMG_5256 IMG_5292

Mr. K, 9 Months {Preview} – Highland Park Baby Photographer

18 Apr

Mr. K was not especially pleased to see me earlier this week, but somehow Mom and I managed to sneak in a few pictures anyway. He had quite the serious demeanor, and you have to love those deep brown eyes and those long, long lashes. Why is it that boys always get those long, gorgeous lashes?? So jealous.

Enjoy the sneak peek!

IMG_5018 IMG_5037 IMG_5064


Mr. E, 1 Year Old {Preview} – Grapevine Children’s Photographer

15 Apr

I had the honor of doing Mr. E’s newborn photos, and now here he is at 1 year old! He was also part of my Baby Steps plan–meaning I got to photograph him about every 4 months throughout his first year. The time really goes by so quickly, and I think somewhere between Christmas and his session last week Mr. E turned into an actual boy. He is one of the tallest one year olds I’ve ever encountered and has the best little lashes.

Enjoy this sneak peek:

IMG_4015 IMG_4027 IMG_4083

Baby J {Preview} – Roanoke, TX Newborn Photographer

14 Apr

Little Baby J was just a dream. He was such a sleepy head and took only one quick “intermission” for a little snuggling and food. Absolutely one of the most precious, snuggly babies to be around.

Mr. J’s birthday is close to Easter, and so Mom did a fabulous job by bringing along a little bunny rabbit set. LOVE!

Enjoy the sneak peek!

IMG_3838 IMG_3855 IMG_3959